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Sensuality and Animism are two heavily loaded terms (which will be discussed in future blogs), so remember that they are just labels. I use them because both terms have a lot to do with the body. The worldview of the Sensual Animist places body at the core of experience, much like the philosphy of phenomenolgy. Major influences include the works of David Abram, Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, and Philip Shepherd’s masterwork New Self, New World.

The Sensual Animist strives to disolve the division between mind/body, self/other, subject/object, physical/spiritual, etc… Living through harmonious interplays of relationship rather than choosing sides.

Above all, the Sensual Animist’s awareness is focused on the experience of being alive and being thankful for it. Enjoy it, otherwise, what’s the point?

I am not claiming this to be the correct worldview, but it is a worldview that myself and others may choose to live by.

So, if this way of perceiving the world is of interest to you, please leave a comment or check out this blog periodically to find new information about sensuality, phenomenology, Animism, nature, primitive skills, excercise(including sex), art(including sex), Taoism, psychology and mindfulness.

Cool Runnings,


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  1. Loki Foxsson permalink

    Very Cool!

  2. I want to do an animist blog carnival. If like me (until recently) you do know yet what a blog carnival is (maybe because you were outdoors/in your body, not living online) here it is:

    Each month a blog that has something to do with animism (the blog can be about many things as long as it has animism part of it) picks a topic. A nice broad one like Food, Health, Science, Education, Art, Conflict, Water, Summer, Traditions, etc.

    Other animist bloggers write a post about animism and that topic.

    The host blogger posts the title and first few lines of each other bloggers’ essays with links to their blogs.

    It rotates to a new host the next month with a new topic.

    I’d create a schedule of who gets what month and what they chose as the topic and share with all the animist bloggers I know and ask that they all share with the animist bloggers they know so they can send essays too.

    Why? One it shows the diversity of animism. Two it promotes all the blogs. Readers are exposed to many ideas.

    I’d really like it if you wanted to join. You can email me at lifthrasirsuccess(a)

    Please share with friends who have animism blogs! We are a very diverse group with no central focus. This way the focus can move about from blog to blog, each writer interpreting the key word subject their own way and in their context of animism.

    Thanks! Heather

    • Yea Heather, that sounds cool, I’d be down. I’m going to be pretty busy with school this spring but I’m sure I can find the time… Keep me in the loop:)

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