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Crystals Part 3: Structured Water

April 9, 2012

Pliny the Elder wrote, ‘I find it stated by medical men that the very best cautery for the human body is a ball of crystal acted upon by the rays of the sun. This substance, too, has been made the object of a mania; for, not many years ago, a mistress of a family, who was by no means very rich, gave one hundred and fifty thousand sesterces for a single basin made of crystal.’ (Pliny the Elder, The Natural History (eds. John Bostock, M.D., F.R.S., H.T. Riley, Esq., B.A.)

This health conscious Roman matron must have been serving her family water which had been stored in this very expensive crystal basin. Such water was believed to have restorative properties.

The ancient Chinese saved water in jade vases, Incas and Aztecs in obsidian jars and African witchdoctors used quartz. (

It is a curious fact that when a crystal is placed under pressure it produces electricity. Experiments by Marcel Vogel, a research chemist for IBM over 27 years, suggest that water (as long as it’s not too pure) can act as an electrolyte and pick up charge from a crystal with which it comes into contact. Measurements by spectrophotometer, an instrument for comparing light radiation, show changes in the ‘atomic footprint’ of water before and after exposure in this way.

Some years ago, a brilliant scientist, the late Marcel Vogel, decided to quit his job at IBM and devote himself full-time to the study of quartz crystals. Fascinated by the apparent healing abilities of crystals, he convinced IBM to give him several costly machines to set up his own lab to prove or disprove the many beliefs about them. What he proved about crystals is as miraculous as it is simple. Quartz crystals are composed of (among many other things, of course) many free-floating electrons. Not being bonded to anything, these electrons will arrange themselves into a set pattern when the crystal is at rest, laying somewhere by itself. As soon as it is moved, however, these free-floating electrons are stimulated and start charging around. Now, the crystal doesn’t like this. It likes electrons kept in the previously ordered manner, so it immediately sets about rearranging them again. Because of the electrical energy expended during this process, anything that is touching the crystal at the same time also receives the crystal’s attempt to order. If what is touching the crystal (you, for instance) is putting out its own electrical energy, this in turn stimulates the electrons again, and a loop is set up that gives the wearer a constant flow of quartz crystal re-patterned energy. Marcel Vogel saw that the crystalline structure of a water molecule when it freezes into ice is almost exactly the same as a Quartz crystal structure. This led him to experiment with the healing properties of quartz crystals.

“Water is multi-dimensional, it is at least three dimensional. Now, when water molecule starts to form in space, we form then a unit cell of water, and when that unit cell becomes rigid, that becomes a crystal…. There have been thousands of pictures taken of ice crystals Now, we go to the next level and look at water. Here is what bulk water looks like, a series of unit cells of tetrahedron shaped molecular form. This is called bulk water. The one, two positive charges on the outer periphery of this sphere, and then internally two negative charges from the oxygen to balance the two positive charges. That means you have an exceedingly sensitive electronic molecule, the minutest of charge, positive or negative will cause this molecule to twist, to lock, to form in space. What we have found in our laboratory is that the energy of mind projected through a crystal will structure water just like it was frozen into ice. The remarkable and unique differentiation is that, that water, when it is structured with mind and with thought, remains fluid but structured, that type of category is called a liquid crystal, a mesophase, a mesomorphic transition.” – Marcel Vogel (

The Australian Baiami is the “Creator” of Kamilaroi lore,

Baiami also preside over the making of ‘clever men’ and is said to have brought forth from his mouth sacred water, kali, liquified quartz crystal possessing great magical power.(Berndt, Ronald M. Australian Aboriginal Religion 1974 Leiden, Netherlands. p. 28-29)

The energy of mind projected through a crystal will structure water just like it was frozen into ice.

The fundamental geometrical pattern of quartz and water is the tetrahedron. The geometric structure of quartz produces frequency patterns, harmonics, that can transfer into water. The crystalline structure of a water molecule when it freezes into ice is almost exactly the same as a Quartz crystal structure.

Structured water is an “information storage device.” -Vogel

“Water, in the process of crystallization into ice, will exhibit all of the patterns of the crystallographic world around us. It is the personification, in a single bit of matter, of all that is.” -Vogel

A Chinese term for quartz is shui ching “water essence”

Quartz appears to be light or water made solid; a natural transparency we can hold in our hands.

When quartz is mixed with water, the hydrogen bonds with the oxygen and silica dioxide(quartz), and forms a structure.

Water molecules attract each other and tend to clump together in a network, constantly assembling and disassembling bonds between neighboring molecules. Vogel hypothesized that these molecular “clumps” (actually cells of liquid crystal) are capable of storing information in a manner similar to how computers store data on a disk.

Since early in this century it has been known that quartz is a resonator and amplifier of energy. It is a vital component in many electronic devices. What was not known is that quartz crystal is also capable of amplifying “subtle forces” including thought energy. The reason this had remained difficult to demonstrate is that, regardless of how fine the quality of the crystal tested, the conditions under which it was formed were highly individualistic. Simply stated, no two crystals are identical, and in science, a theory cannot be based on a single case. The amplification of thought energy includes so much “static” (other vibrations) that it becomes lost in the noise. Marcel discovered the answer to this problem.

He found that when quartz is cut along the c-axis (the line of symmetry within the crystal perpendicular to all other axes) in the shape of the Kabalistic Tree of Life, it resonates to ONE frequency. It so happens the frequency (which turned out to be 454) is the same vibratory rate he also measured for water. Therefore, Vogel-cut crystals are powerful instruments capable of taking thought impressions and literally injecting them into the matrix of water. From this work he developed three tools: the double terminated healing crystal, single terminated meditation crystal and the Star of David crystal medallion.

“You see, the contact of the soul with the body is expressed by a vibration, a note, a tone. We speak of the tone of a body. Every body that has form emits a tone, which is an outward expression of the symmetry, balance, and totality of that being.” -Vogel (Bodian, Stephen “The Healing Power of Quartz Crystals: An Interview with Award-winning IBM researcher Marcel Vogel, who now champions the miraculous benefits of quartz” Yoga Journal 1985:35)

“In all of our radio transmitting stations, a crystal is used as the primary means of communicating. A slab of quartz, silicon dioxide, is cut to a particular dimension and ground down until it emits the desired broadcasting frequency. For example, if you want 650 kilocycles, you grind that slab of crystal down until you get 650 kilocycles. We do the same thing with our crystals. I cut them to the primary vibrating frequency of the water molecule.” -Vogel (ibid)

We are essentially bound water. Over 70% of our body is composed of water, fluid bound into the tissue by a charge applied from a field outside the body – the aura again. A charge exists both inside and outside the body, and we create that charge with the breath. As we release the breath, we produce a charge; as we draw a breath, we draw a charge within. This energy is what the Indians call prana, the unit life force energy… In pranayama we hold that life force within us and thereby raise the level of vibration. When I charge the body with breath, I’m putting a pranic energy into the body…. When I hold a crystal in my hand, I charge it with breath, draw the breath and hold (inhales), and then let out through the nostrils suddenly (sniffs out forcibly). This puts a vibration into the crystal exactly analogous to the primary note of my being, and it will continue to oscillate according to my note. -Vogel (Bodian, Stephen “The Healing Power of Quartz Crystals: An Interview with Award-winning IBM researcher Marcel Vogel, who now champions the miraculous benefits of quartz” Yoga Journal 1985:35)

A quartz crystal left in water changes the pH balance of the water (another Vogel discovery).

The hydrogen find a bond with the oxygen and silica dioxide, and form a structure.

The field notes of linguist-ethnographer John P. Harrington show that toshaawt stones were found among Kitanemuk people living in the Tejon region south of Bakersfield, CA. The stones were used in conjunction with water for healing purposes:

tishait, a stone from the coast. You keep it in your house to guard the house from weather – from winds or rains. And when your children are sick at stomach you put the stone in a jar of water and give it to them to drink. MO [Magdalina] has cured [her children] Angela and Marcelino thus many times. (Timbrook, Jan “Search for the Source of the Sorcerer’s Stones” Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History 1999)

Crystals were ground into powder and taken with other herbs in East Indian Ayurvedic medicine. The great alchemist Albertus Magnus (1193-1280) devoted an entire book to the healing properties of stones. Quartz was mixed with powdered amethyst, malachite, and various herbs in Taoist elixir alchemy. In a sixth-century Taoist encyclopedia, we read a formula that is supposed to grant physical immortality. After a fast of 160 days, the Taoist takes five pieces of clear quartz, rounds and polishes them on a whetstone, and then cooks them in a mixture of shallot, honey, and herbs. After the crystals have cooled, he ingests them while invoking the Lords of the Five Directions. Each crystal will enter one of the five major viscerea – spleen, heart, kidneys, lungs, liver – and preserve it from decay.(Cohen, Kenneth “Bones of Our Ancestors” Yoga Journal Jan 1985:33 & 56)

Many of the cellular membranes within the human body are liquid crystals.


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