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The Ash Tree origins of the Penobscot

September 5, 2012

Klouskap and the Origin of the Penobscot

    as told by
Jason Keith Brown, Rabbit Clan

Klouskap, whose name in the Penobscot Language means The Man From Nothing, was put on Earth by the Creator.  He was created from the Earth and was responsible for preparing the land and animals for the coming of the Penobscot People.

At that time, the squirrel, Mikew, was the size of a wolf and Klouskap asked, “What would you do if you saw an Indian?”

Mikew told Klouskap, “I would kill him!”

Hearing this, Klouskap picked up the squirrel and patted him down into the small size he is today and placed him in a tree.  “There, Mikew.  You will not be able to hurt the Penobscot,” said Klouskap.

As you can see, Klouskap was very strong and extremely sacred to the Penobscot.  When he prepared the land and was ready to bring the Penobscot, he took his Bow and Arrow and shot straight into the Brown Ash tree.  The tree split and the Penobscot came dancing and singing out of this tree.  To this day, our baskets are made of Brown Ash and sweet grass.  This still symbolizes the Penobscot connection and respect of this sacred tree.

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