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The Legend of the Birch Tree

September 5, 2012

Long ago and not far away, a boy was born into a nice  family. Before he could walk, a ceremony was held in his honor, a naming  ceremony. He was given the name Wiigwaas. Wiigwaas was given many gifts from the creator.  One of those gifts was to help others in a  good way. He not only helped his father hunt and fish, he also helped his mother  pick wild berries and tend the garden. He helped the elderly not only in his  village, but in other villages. He would help make canoes and houses.

One day when he became a young man he had to go to battle. In this battle he lost his life. His brothers brought his body home and  buried him, after they held a farewell ceremony. He was buried in pure white  buckskin on a hill just beyond his village. The following spring his people noticed that a little tree began to grow at the site of his grave. As this  tree grew tall a dream came to the father of Wiigwaas. In this dream he was  told that Wiigwaas was still able to help his people and the dream showed him how.

In the springtime you can take the sweet sap from him and you can make syrup. You can peel the bark off to fashion food containers for keeping food and eating. You can make canoes and you can use the bark to make lodges. You can make boxes and baskets.  From the strong wood you can make daabaagan, sleighs and lodges. You can make  fires, so the people can keep warm and cook food. So, even in his death, Wiigwaas is still helping his people.

-Anishinaabe Nation

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  1. i love how birch is the helper for other trees. where there is destruction, birch is one of the first trees to move in, making the land ready for other trees. it’s first in the ogham i think for this reason. the ultimate healer tree, so community oriented and adventuring!

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